Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crystal Ball

I recieved my crystal ball in the mail yesterday and it is old and beautiful. I cannot wait to cleanse it next week and start using it.

I also purchased some candle molds. I have always loved making candles as I have a good supply of beeswax thanks to our beehives. I want to make candles for use in ritual and alters. I ordered a God and Goddess pair and some cats.

Speaking of cats, my sister had to have her beloved Darby cat sent on to the spirit world yesterday :(. Darby was a rescue from the floods that were so bad 18-19 years ago in MO/IL area. It has been very hard on my sister as any of you who have been befriended by a cat understand. I am working on having a stone engraved for her for her garden as a memorial. I feel so helpless when I am so far away.

Today I have my very first German Klub dinner and meeting. I joined at the Oktoberfest. I am not German though maybe a smidge, my Mother isn't sure. Her father was Austrian, her mother was Bohemian Czech, my Dad's parents were Highland Scottish and Swedish. Talk about a fun mix, eh? I have a good penpal in Germany so I have an interest in the country along with the rest. I find the pagan practices and history intriguing.

My husband is German but he hasn't an interest outside of cows and corn and deer hunting. Boring! :).

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