Monday, November 2, 2009


On Samhain I dedicated myself to a year and a day of study*. I am a solitary Witch who wants to come out of the broom closet a bit more. I enjoy solitary study but also would like to meet others now that I am on a path of forgiveness, love and acceptance. It has been a long journey with more to come.

Today I found a lovely gazing ball that called my name. I have been longing for one for many years and this one just spoke to me thus I purchased it. When she gets here we will cleanse and rededicate her to her new path of scrying.

*Edit: I decided to wait until after Candlmas to start my year and day on advice of a friend. So I will use this time just to reconnect and explore.

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  1. I recently come out of my broom closet... earlier this summer... its nice not to be shut up in that musty place anymore... you will be happy with your decision....