Sunday, November 15, 2009

A River Runs Through

Yesterday I decided to tackle a hike I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now.
I had never been to this section of trail and had little difficulty finding it.

According to my map it was 2.5 miles and of course I had to walk it back so that was taken into consideration before I embarked. The trail runs along side of the Wisconsin River with a dam holding back the water so the rocks can be seen. Otherwise the Wisconsin is a huge flat body of water. Who knew what beauty lies underneath it all?

The trail, as said in the book, is not an easy one but not as difficult as I imagined (bushwacking, knee deep mud, etc., LOL. Yah, I get a bit crazy in my imagination considering this is a national trail). It was strewn with lots of big rocks and roots, sometimes having to figure away around some rocks, one section was quite wet but passable. Anyway, it was all well worth it. A perfect cloudy day and no one else on the trail at all. I enjoy just the peace of being with nature and all She has to bring to our lives.

I am constantly amazed. Just when I think I have found a little slice of heaven on earth I find another one. This place is so breathtakingly beautiful yet you would never know about it if you didn't get out of your car and hike the trail. How much us humans are missing in our busy lives! And why are we so busy? Because we allow it.

I found all these years I raised children and worked the farm how disconnected I have become. As a child I lived in the woods. I had a not so nice family life and so the woods, fields, streams and lakes were my comfort and joy. What happened? Why did I allow myself to become so disconnected? Because I got caught up in the worldly things that do not matter! Well no more! This pre-crone is done with that nonsense and is setting her path straight.

On a whim (or perhaps intution) I decided to keep heading north to a little town I always loved as a child. We would pass through on our way home and that was our stopping point for a burger. My dad would pull up to the Snack Shack which was also a bar (and you know the real reason he stopped there...of course there were no McDonalds on every corner etc. at that time) and we'd all have to sit and wait for the food in the car. The Snack Shack now is a laundromat.

Anyway, I still love this little town of 3000 as they have some of the best "fun" shopping around. I am always drawn to books and bookstores so after a jaunt through a place with a mix of antiques and regular stuff (and picking up a book on Wisconsin Waterfalls and two clearance cards that are quite funny) I went to the "real" bookstore, Cover to Cover. My jaw about dropped when I saw all the pagan stuff! Wands, pendulums, cards, books, stones, incense, goddess statues etc. mixed in amongst the normal every day things. I bought a book written by a local author about our herd of white deer and tried out the pendulums, bringing home a brazened copper beauty.

So that was some of my day :).

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