Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deerwhistle Moon

Tonight is the first chance in four to see my second favorite moon, the Deerwhistle Moon or as most folks know it by, the Sliver or Old/New Cresent Moon. I have always loved the Deerwhistle Moon. Why it was called that I don't recall but a bunch of us would jump on horses after it was good and dark and take a ride up and down the hills, forests and prairies of the Kettle Moraine area we lived in. There is nothing much more fun than riding with a bunch of other horse crazy girls in the pitch of night through narrow trails in the woods. There was a certain steep hill we would climb and at the top it was open, we could see for miles and the Moon in all her glory.

It is cloudy and drizzly today but it is to clear out and here is hoping I will get to see my old friend, the old Cresent Moon cradled in the New Moon's arms...

Gives us all hope, doesn't it?

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