Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday I made my first batch of stollen. I have never made it before thus it was quite the experience. I have test tasted one to see if it was worth all the effort and it is quite good even if a bit rustic looking. I don't have a sieve to put the powedered sugar on with so it ended up just sorta dumped on. I'll have to buy one I guess.

Things I would change is make the loaves smaller. These are huge. It made three according to the recipe but six would have been more practical and I could package them up to give away. I burnt the bottoms a bit too as my oven is old and wonky but other than that they turned out fine for a first try.

Last year I made Swedish treats and most likely will do so again. No one around here is a fan of anything too dark and spicy but myself and I need all these goodies like I need a hole in my head. But I enjoy making them and guess I will just have to start sharing them.

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